Agressive Mastiff

I have a 3 year old Mastiff. She is very gentle around our 2 year old and newborn. She is even gentle around our lab. HOwever, we have a greyhound that if she sets eyes on goes straight into kill mode and attacks him. Our greyhound won't fight her back and just trys to get away, but our mastiff is out to kill him. She will only attck his neck. To get her off of him we have to pick her up by her back legs and pull her away. Once her concentration is broke and she notices that we have her she calms down but still tries to lunge at him. So far she has not tried to bit us when she does attack him , but we also don't get by her face. What could be a reason for such aggression towards only one dog? I'm starting to get scared because wonder if she turns on me or my children or even our other dog. We keep them seperated 100%; however when switching them out to go potty is when she gets away and just attacks.

Asked by Member 1155060 on Feb 13th 2013 Tagged aggressive in Behavior & Training
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Oh, my...I am sorry for your dilemma! I had the same situation many years back.
First may I NOT justify the behavior or let your guard down. Keep track of your gut feelings on this and remain alert at all times.your concerns are valid.Please prepare yourself emotionally that you may not be able to fix the problem (im so sorry)
1. which dog came first?
2. how long was pup #1 an only dog?
3. what are the genders?
All important factors in how to handle it, fix it, or come to terms with it may not be fixable and someone needs a new home.

if I know answers for 1-3 I may be able to offer some ideas. Let me know.
Wendy :)

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