Aggression between dogs in blended home

My parents, Grandmother and I will be moving into a larger home where we can live together. My dog (Lola)is a female Corgi. My parents dog (Dobby) is a male Corgi. Lola is high strung but has been manageable with Dobby and other older family dogs in the past. She is NOT getting on well with my Grandmother's male and female Shih Tzus. They bark uncontrollably at Lola every time she is within their sight. They have charged her or reared up at her while barking. In turn she attacks and won't let go. Dobby has not yet been introduced to this situation but when he is I have no doubt he will side with Lola thereby worsening an already unsettling situation. It appears the female Shih Tzu is the instigator with the male responding to her behavior. I have read articles about aggression between two dog households but have yet to find one about blending a home with multiple dogs. HELP!

Asked by Member 1174172 on Jun 7th 2013 Tagged blendedhome, barking, attack, dominance, aggression, corgi, shihtzu in Aggression
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