Adverse Reaction to K-9 Advantix??

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had a negative experience with K-9 Advantix Flea & Tick treatment?

I used this product on my two Shih-Tzu's for the first time last Monday & they are both suffereing something awful! My Vet said there are large dosages of Premethrin in K-9 Advantix, which is a pesticide that some dogs can develop a sensitivity to. The side effects can range from vomitting/diarrhea to seizures! If I would have known that, I would have NEVER used this! Previously, I have used Frontline-Plus on them for preventative flea treatment & never had a problem.

My poor babies seem to be experiencing tremors & odd sensations from their lower back down to their back paws. It prohibits them from wanting to walk & they seem agitated overall.

The Vet said there's not much I can do - it has to cycle out on it's own. I've bathed them in dish-detergent to degrease their skin.

Has anyone else had this happen to their dogs & if so, how long did the reaction last??

Asked by McGhee on Jun 9th 2009 in Flea & Tick Prevention
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I have not used it on my dog and had been wondering what the difference between it and Frontline or Advantage. I was going to buy it and try it, but won't be doing so now.
I'll be sticking to the others for now although the thought of putting a pesticide on the skin of my babies never did sit well with me, but fleas and ticks don't sit well with me either.
I hope your babies are feeling better soon and are up and running.

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All medicines produce bad reactions at times. Check the leaflet in the box, it may give figures. They are low, when it is your dog, it is 100%. Other products may be Ok for your dog, and cause others problems. I have heard Bio Spot is one of the worst.

Aster answered on 6/9/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Hi...I have an 8 yr. old Maltese. I also have experienced the same thing that you are going thru. I put K9 Ad. on him Saturday afternoon for the first time. That night at 2 AM my husband and I woke up with Madison running up and down the bed then stopping and shaking violently all over. We have two other small dogs also that were treated at the same time and have had no adverse reaction. I gave him Benedryl on Sunday but did not see any difference. I called my vet who said that I should take him to an overnight care unit to be watched closely. I kept him home and took care of him myself. Sunday night was almost as bad. By Monday morning he seemed to be getting better but still had a few tremors. Today was the first time that I saw him drink water and eat his dog food. So I hope this will be the end of it soon. Let me know how you make out, please.

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Miss Priss

Oh Boy! I am glad you were smart and washed it off the best you can. Yes, it will take some time to get out of the blood stream.
This is common and has been Reported by many pet's owners that give "any" of the Monthly Spot medications/ poisons.

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On Sunday I put Advantix as directed between the shoulder blades of my Chocolate Lab and Cairn Terrier. My Cairn had no reaction. My Lab did. She just turned 8, she was sweet and kind and everything a Lab should be. Monday she would not eat and barely drank. We were concerned but because she drank some we were not worried, just concerned. Tuesday morning she vomitted and would not move, she looked stoned and we took her to an animal hospital. They treated her for a reaction and her symptoms. Oxygen mask, I.V., etc... By the end of the day she was having seizures and was moved to an overnight facility to be under watch. Her situation worsened and by mid-day on Wednesday she had passed away. I must note she was an indoor dog, not subject to chemicals, a healthy weight, great demeanor, and has not ever had medical problems. So, why in 72 hours did I lose my friend? Neither I nor the vet knows. All I know is that she was an amazing dog and we loved her dearly.

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YES,YES, YES!! My beloved bischon, Emma, has just returned from the Vet (today). I've been searching the Net for answers. She had full body x-rays and blood work. It was all normal!

We've been scared to death. The day after her Advantix treatment this week, she started getting lethargic. Her back legs are weak, and she has lost her appetite. She is terribly agitated, going from one side of room to the other (wobbling). Her appetite is nill. The Vet said he can't figure out what is wrong. He wants us to go to an internist, but I now KNOW my suspicions are CONFIRMED! Thank you for sharing.

She also has those tremors, and her heart beat (breathing) is fast..

I'm going to give her hydrobaths (going back and forth from very warm for a minute to very cold for a minute) for fifteen minutes in duration. That should help take the toxins out of her body quicker. You might try that.

THANK YOU FOR SHARING. This has been an intensely stressful week!

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I used this on my Bichon on wednesday of this week, but friday my dog was in the vet hospital for treatment of an inflamed "hot spot"....200.00 dollars later, he is still miserable and all due to the use of K-9 Advantix. I have to wait until monday to contact Bayer about this product. why do so many pets have to suffer before they do something about this.

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ADVANTIX contains Permethrin


The insecticide permethrin (in the synthetic pyrethroid family) is widely used on cotton, wheat, corn, alfalfa, and other crops. In addition, over 100 million applications are made annually in and around U.S. homes.

Permethrin, like all synthetic pyrethroids, is a neurotoxin. Symptoms include tremors, incoordination, elevated body temperature, increased aggressive behavior, and disruption of learning. Laboratory tests suggest that permethrin is more acutely toxic to children than to adults.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has classified permethrin as a carcinogen because it causes lung tumors in female mice and liver tumors in mice of both sexes. Permethrin inhibits the activity of the immune system in laboratory tests, and also binds to the receptors for a male sex hormone. It causes chromosome aberrations in human and hamster cells. Permethrin is toxic to fish, birds, honeybees, tadpoles and hasan adverse lasting impact on life.

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My wheaten terrier (3 years old) had a TERRIBLE reaction to K-9 Advantix and is going through a very rough time. I gave it to her yesterday (have always used Frontline Plus with no issues). She has been freaking out--skittish--running around scared to death---tail tucked between her legs---and is jumping around, etc. I thought she was halucinating because she would look around scared to death and jump around. I went to the vet---we called Poison Control--and they told us they are getting many reports of adverse reactions by some dogs to the pesticide in this stuff. (it starts with a P and is listed in this thread). the stuff isn't in the other brands. We had to wash her three times with dish soap and water (stronger the better) and rub vitamin E oil on her back where the medicine was placed. also currently holding cold cloths on her back. we're told she is experiencing Pins and Needles sensations and tickling and she doesn't understand it. I hate this stuff. hate it.

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Cannot believe that so many are having issues with Advantix and it is still on the market. Looked up this forum today as my lively, happy cockapoo is walking on three legs (the other one constantly trying to scratch the spot that he can't reach where the Advantix was applied). All four of my dogs cower when they see the Advantix coming and one of my Maltese has had swelling and extreme sensitivity after application. Advantix no more. Ticks would be better!

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I had the samething happen to my shih tzu also. I put it on her Sunday afternoon and within minutes she was trying to rub it off and get to it with her paws etc. by Tuesday she was lethargic and where I had applied it was still wet as if I just applied it. I took her to the vet and he told me to take her home and wash her in Dawn dish washing soap that it was the only thing that would remove it. He also gave her a cortisone shot, within a couple of hours she was fine but for those 3 days I was very worried about her. I will not ever use K9 Advantix again and I tell all my friends that have dogs not to use it.

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So since googling adverse reactions for k9 advantix four weeks ago our family has waited on pins and needles to see if our Jack Russell Jack would recover from his one and only dose of this stuff. We gave it to him on a Sunday morning and by that night he barked at me to put him on the bed, I put him on his chair (a step) and he jumped the rest of the way but by the next night he couldn't do it, or jump down, or run down the stairs...he would just stand and stare at the wall, hang his head and tremble. Ssometimes his belly would feel like he was on fire and he would pant. I bathed him per suggestions from this and other forums but it only did a little good. At three weeks he had a good day or two but then back to being sick. I told my husband I didn't think he was going to make it, he'd lost so much weight! But at four weeks he seemed to snap out of it, he barked again and even sat up for some chicken! Our little guy is back !!! don't give up

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Yep. The exact same thing happened to my chihuahua last year - had pretty severe seizure symptoms in jaw and hind quarters for about 5 days. Never pinpointed what it was until now. Spent $$$ at the vet treating for infection, etc. Did not put Advantix on my Chi again, but did put it on my outside dogs twice since and both times my Chi has had less severe seizures (just in the mouth/jaw area) that only lasted for 12 hours or so, then symptoms were gone. I called Bayer (the manufacturer today) and they said their product would not cause such a thing. Obviously, they're wrong. It does NOT affect my 2 other dogs. Only the Chi.

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