ADDITIONAL INFO re: Neurological symptoms.

Sorry about this, clicked the edit button and the only thing that happened was dogster said you only have an hour to edit the question, but I only posted it 5 mins ago. Either way, here's the second half of the question. So all the bloodwork came back and vet says hypothyroidism and pancreatitis. We payed for him to send the bloodwork out to confirm (again) pancreatitis. Comes back 24 hrs later.... no pancreatitis. Serum was also milky. New diagnosis of Gastro infection. On Clavamox,Eltroxin,sulcrate. No improvement in energy, or mood. She's a little less stumbly but still wont get on the bed, car etc. Definitely not herself. Vet said the three meds would work by yesterday or so if they were related. I used my emergency funds for the $500 bill, and now I'm not sure what to do and the vet is unsure of the cause of the symptoms and doesn't have any suggestions. Is it possible for these symptoms to come from these illnesses? She almost looks like she has had a stroke or Alzheimer's.

Asked by Abby on Jul 3rd 2012 Tagged hypothyroidism, pancreatitis in Illness & Disease
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