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www.dogster.com <-click for my original question, and since I'm unable to edit it past an hour or respond to any of the comments:

I might not have been clear in asking my question. I stated that the dog we are considering seems like he would be a good companion for our current dog AND a good companion for US. I would not get a 2nd dog just for the purpose of being a companion for my 1st dog.

Also, I thought the whole point of asking strangers on the internet was to get some other perspectives. Otherwise, there would be no reason to have this "answer" section on Dogster. I do not feel that the above question was too personal to ask on the internet. I would love some perspectives from those of you who have 2 dogs and how that works for you. If it has seemed like a bad decision, why do you feel that way?

When I adopt a dog, I am permanently committed to him or her.

Thanks and I hope that helps to clarify my question.

Asked by Wrigley on Apr 26th 2012 in Other Adoption & Rescue
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We decided to buy a 2nd dog, for company for our 1st dog, but also because we enjoyed our 1st dog so much. I must say though, we have found it much harder work having two dogs. If i had my time again, i probably would have just kept the 1st dog on his own. He is very good, but our second dog is an attention seeker and will bark every morning at 7am to attract our attention. He also still does his odd toilet in the house. Don't get me wrong, we love them both to bits, but they are very hard work together. I hope this answers a little bit for you. Good luck

Member 1083591 answered on 4/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Pspective is fine, but answers is to provide answers to questions..you asked, I answered. If you are on the fence, then I don't think you are ready..plain & simple.
There was no question in my mind about having 2 dogs. It is 3 times the work of one, but 4 times the love. Never regretted it..well any more than I regretted having a dog at all...like when you come home & there is toilet paper strung from one end of the house to the other...or the curtain rod is pulled down. lol
So if you're ready for the work involved, then I say go for it. If you are the least bit uncertain, then wait.

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If you are ready for it... think about everything you went through,are going through, and will go through with your current dog, and know that it will be at least that bad with another dog.

I got my 2nd dog Otto [well he's the 3rd dog actually.... but our very very first dog is more my dads than mine], he has been a pain in the neck, but his unconditional love and the amazingly hilarious antics that he & Shasta together perform... priceless. (And I won't forget to mention that I feel that much more secure on my walks [being a teenager...] having my two tuff boys at either side)

Do work on training for both of them though... I noticed that it is a lot harder to get my boys to behave when they have the distraction of each other.... so slowly get them used to obeying even under distracting conditions...

Best Regards! =D

Shasta answered on 4/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would suggest finding a rescue organization that needs foster homes for dogs. Try to foster a dog in need and you'll get a sense of how much work a second dog will be. Then if it's a good match, they often let the people fostering the dogs have first choice when it comes to adopting.

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