Making an emery dig board...

I have trouble clipping my puppy's nails, but she loves to dig. Is there any type of emery material I can use to make a dig pad for her? With the weather as cold as it is, I can't let her stay outside and dig like I did over the summer. I don't want to use something that might potentially hurt her nails or paws, but she has gotten too strong for us to clip her nails at home and we can't take her to a groomer as often as she should go. I wasn't sure if there might be something similar to a human emery board that I could use to make a large emery pad for Ella. Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by Ella on Feb 7th 2013 in Other Grooming
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Fine sandpaper would do it. I'd worry about her pads becoming abraded, though. If it works, let me know. I have the same problem with mine.

Libby answered on 2/8/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer