9 month old presa canario aggression

Hello I have 9 month old Presa canario, he is the sweetest thing to my immediate family and people he sees on a daily basis. But when we take him on walks he becomes very aggressive towards anything whether it be a person or a dog. I have tried everything and he just does not listen. This past weekend he merely dragged me to go attack little kids on bicycles and an older lady walking. I don't know whether to buy a muzzle and try to socialize him like that. I don't think I ever socialized him correctly. I mean one of the main reasons we got him was for him to be a guard dog for the house. But this problem has escalated way too much and I don't have a clue on where to start now. I use to take him to the dog park when he was a puppy and the first few times he was aggressive on the leash, but when you let him go off the lease he seemed to be just fine. But I think now if I were to take him, someone could severely get hurt. Please any advice on what to do?

Asked by Member 1144903 on Dec 12th 2012 in Aggression
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Well now..this is a case of be careful what you wish for since you just might get it! What kind of research did you do on Presas? He is coming into adolescence, and you are right to be concerned. What training have you done? How was he allowed to drag you to attack kids? You need to have better control, even if he is lunging.
I have a 70 lb gsd & a 95 lb gsd (who is reactive) & I frequently walk my friend's 105 lb bullmastiff. That is 270 lbs of dog vs my 102 lbs. Even when my one guy reacts, I still have total control of all 3 & I don't give up any ground!
Please repost this is the main forums under Behavior & Training. We can establish a back & forth dialogue & more people will respond.
A muzzle can help with management, but right now you need to be very careful about letting him meet any one. I would look into hiring a behaviourist..not a trainer to come help you make a plan. Do not give him the opportunity to practice the behaviour.
Train, train... look at me, look at that, BAT.

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You are aware that this IS what this breed is, and now he is beginning to reach maturity it is going to become MUCH WORSE unless you get him AND you into some training sessions immediately. I agree with Wiley, you need a behaviorist, NOT a trainer, and until this is under control even wearing a muzzle is not safe.
Please do a bit more research on this breed and get him some training immediately before someone gets seriously hurt!!
These dogs are not "go to the dog park" breeds, they were bred to keep intruders away and ANYONE they don't know is considered an intruder.

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I have a 2 year old Presa & he is a gentle giant. Don't listen to all that breedist talk. Even though I do agree you should know your breed...a dog doesn't always stick to breed standards. I recommend buying the American Kennel club's breed guide..It's a rare book and a couple hundred dollars but the best information you'll ever get on the bread. Either way I have 3 different types of dominate dogs & have always had dominate breeds and you do have to be a dominate owner to successfully raise a dominate breed. By this i mean you need to be not only stern but fierce with your Presa, not only when they are bad in public but anytime. It sounds so simple but it takes practice & needs to be started asap! Basically uour dog needs to know you mean business when you say no. if he lunges grab him & slam him into a sitting position & force his attention on you. Presas are usually a reserved breed, you just need to bring it out. Don't give up hope! Do those things & you will have success.

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