8 week old Yorkie - i need help with separation anxiety....

Just brought Addie home yesterday, she has a crate which she has immediately taken to and loves, & also a confined 6x6 room with her food, crate, toys & pee pads in. Since it is the weekend I have been letting her follow me around the house but she continually cries & whines even as she is following me - only happy when I am holding her. Problem is I dont want to start any bad habits here from the get go. I realize she is probably missing her mama & brother but what should I do right now? I go back to work tomorrow & do work 4 days a week. I'll be able to come home for 10 min at lunch. Any words of wisdom? She hasnt eaten or drunk really well since she got here & am hoping to find some kind of suppliment at store today as we dont have a pet store.

Asked by Member 849917 on Jun 28th 2009 in Separation Anxiety
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When she follows you around like that, you can give her a pat on the head or whatever, but the best choice would be to ignore her and reward her when she's being quiet and calm. She'll learn to cope without you. I very intentionlly put Reyna in her crate even when I am here, because she needs to learn how to be by herself comfortably as well.

Reyna answered on 6/28/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


"Like humans, dogs do occasionally suffer from depression or especially anxiety problems. They get lethargic, stop eating, and drink only minimal amounts of water, stop wanting to play, and even lose drastic amounts of weight.

Grief, change of scenery, or sometimes it is a chemical imbalance, needing medication to correct it. In my Corgi's case, it resulted from a sudden action from my dad."

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Hope this help.

Good luck!

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I'm not sure what kind of supplement you're thinking of, but please be careful and don't give her anything that your vet doesn't clear first. It's actually quite normal for new puppies (or dogs of any age in a new home) to not eat or drink much their first day or two. You've not had her that long and puppy tummies are VERY sensitive. So adding a supplement, while it might SEEM like a good idea can make her sick.

She's very young and she's feeling insecure and upset about being away from her mom and litter. This a huge change for her. It's great that she loves her crate. You can definitely use that to your advantage.

I'd suggest holding her and playing and petting when she's calm and ignoring her cries otherwise, but not leaving her alone too much. She needs resassurance right now and affection, but not because she's crying and whining. That will stop pretty quickly, in most cases.

Are you leaving her for eight hours (minus the ten minutes) in the crate? That's too long!

Jack answered on 6/28/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Careful with the suppliments. If you're going to a store that sells human suppliments, you best know what you're doing. And don't count on the $7/hr clerk behind the counter to seriously know what they're talking about. She's a tiny 8 week old dog. Not a 130lb human. Cutting up a pill and giving it to a 4lb dog could spell disaster.
Be patient. You've had her for 24 hours. Every single thing in the last 24 hours is brand new. You, the house, the carpet, the yard, everything. She's stressed and you give her comfort. Give her a couple of days to adjust.
Instead of picking her up to comfort her though, kneel down on the ground and pet her. Get her used to the idea that she doesn't get picked up when she wants.
If she loves her crate, then she might just be fine when you leave for the day and go to work. Leave her puppy sized toys to chew on while you're gone. Get a puppy Kong and fill it with wet puppy food. That will keep her occupied for a while when you're gone.

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