7 year old toy poodle will no longer sleep through the night in her crate. Why?

I've got a 7 year old toy poodle, and she hasn't been sleeping through the night for a few months now. She wakes up at about 3am and then refuses to go back in her crate and she won't sleep peacefully in my parents bed either. We recently went on vacation and while at a friends house, she slept perfectly fine there and with another dog (not in a crate however). The past few nights she's been sleeping in my bed and she sleeps through the night, other then getting up when someone goes to the bathroom or she has to pee which is understandable. She also is in early stages of congestive heart failure and has been exhibiting other symptoms of it. Could this also be a symptom of the heart problems? What else can I do? My parents are at the point where they want to give her away so they can sleep, but I can't fathom the thought of it and while I will certainly wake up a couple times in the night if it means keeping her, I'd rather not if I don't have to. Have not gotten her to a vet yet. Help!

Asked by Member 1156634 on Feb 23rd 2013 Tagged whining, notsleeping, crate, bed, heart, problems, failure in Other Behavior & Training
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Maybe try really tiring her out an hour before she goes to bed. Try putting a bunch of her fav toys in her crate and even hide little treats inside the crate for when she is in there. Cover the crate with a blanket so she cannot see anything outside the crate.

All of these things worked with my puppy when he had crate issues - his crate is now his fav place!

Whenever she refuses to go back in her crate trying letting her out once more to go to the washroom then if she still refuses, lure her in with a few treats again and hide some around the inside to keep her occupied.

Good luck! :)

Member 1156682 answered on 2/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Sudden behavioral changes are often a sign of other underlying conditions. If she has been diagnosed with heart failure it could even be related to that. I would suggest also looking into anxiety relief through natural remedies. One that works for more mild cases is DAP. It diffuses pheromones that are supposed to relax the pet. There is also the thunder shirt, again which is supposed to relieve stress. If these simpler methods fail I suggest seeing a homeopathic vet who can assist with natural remedies like herbs, flower essences, acupuncture, etc. Hope this helps.

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