7 wk old Harley most likely has parvo, vomiting this morning then play as usual, is this normal?

adopted Harley on aug 30, received a call from kennel saying his litter mate tested positive for parvo, he has been fine until vomiting this morning and then he started playing as normal, I am terrified! vet here would only euthanize. have to treat at home, bought Parvaid, pedialite and Vienna sausages

Asked by Harley on Sep 9th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Usually the Parvo virus takes about 3-10 days to show. Make sure you get your puppy checked by a vet ASAP and if he is clear get those shots. It is deadly and can be carried in by anyone and anything. Just taking him for a walk and allowing him to sniff some dog poo could be a death sentence. Make sure you wash your hands if you touch another dog, spray your shoes and everyone else's that comes in your home with Lysol, do not take your puppy to the park or any pet store until he has had at least 2 shots. I have hand sanitizer with me all the time. A dog can be a carrier and not have it themselves. We lost a whole litter of puppies and a mother dog one year because a neighbor found a stray puppy, brought it into the yard for us to look at. Sorry to sound so drastic but it was a pretty bad experience.

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