5 month old puppy only will poo in her crate, never outside

My 5 month old puppy (she's some kind of mix, looks like a small Border Collie) will not poo outside. We have her out there for over an hour, and as soon as you put her in her crate, she poops and pees, and is then covered in it. I have been feeding her in there for the past month because someone said that might help. It didn't work. She is let out once an hour during the day. She gets plenty of exercise and lots of praise when she does manage to do her business outside. We have tried everything suggested to us, but nothing is working. She's fed on a schedule, and we let her out after she eats. We've been cleaning the crate with Nature's Miracle, so it's not the smell that keeps her doing it. We've had her 3 months and have made absolutely NO progress with her potty training. Nothing has worked and now my husband wants her gone. What can I do?? (the vet has ruled out any health problems, but didn't give us suggestions that we haven't already tried)

Asked by Member 1148514 on Jan 26th 2013 Tagged pottytraining, puppy, crate in House Soiling
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