3 year old Havanese with not normal heat cycle HELP!!

Sophie is a healthy 3 year old Havanese.She usually goes into heat every 6-7 months from February to August but recently went into heat in December,ending in January.This has never happened before and really messes things up because we plan to breed her.I'm not sure if this is normal and if she will go into heat 6-7 months from January or go into heat in August like usual. Please help!!

Asked by Member 1156784 on Feb 24th 2013 Tagged dogheathavanesepuppiesbreedingstudservicedamsirepedigreepregnant in Pregnancy
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Something to consider if you are going to be a breeder... nothing is cast in stone. There are a multitude of factors which affect when a dog will be in heat, and none of them are predictable nor can be influenced by mere humans.
She most likely will be back in heat in June, but don't count on it... if she was that early this time she may also be two or three months early the next time as well, OR, since she was early, she may wait 8 or 9 months before coming in again.
Over the years I have had dogs come into heat only once a year, some cycled every three months, some would have three heats in a year and not have another for two or more years.
There is nothing you can do to make her heats come when you want them to, it is all up to her.
There used to be drugs available which would assist in bringing them into heat earlier. Problem was, they usually ended up with pyometria when the drugs were used and ultimately had to be spayed so that certainly did not work for breeding dogs.

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Please get your dog spayed. Don't breed while dogs in shelters are being killed for lack of homes.

Gwen answered on 3/2/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer