3 year/1 year distermper parvo vaccine


I'm very upset. My boyfriend and I looked at a dog at a shelter and tried to adopt her. We have one dog now who I believed was all caught up on her shots. Apparently according to the vet's records, she is not. Since our dog's records reflect that she isn't up to date, we can't adopt our new puppy.

My dog was vaccinated in 2011 for her distemper/parvo. I thought the vaccine was good for 3 years, but the record reflects that she is overdue. The "3 year vaccine" and the "1 year vaccine" are the same exact medication, no difference. What can I do about the fact that my dogs records reflect an overdue vaccine? This is very upsetting. If the vaccine is the same why can't it last for 3 years? My dog is healthy and she had her original distemper/parvo medication, and the one in 2011 was a booster. I don't want to give her vaccines she does not need as that can be dangerous, not to mention the cost.

Asked by Member 1156922 on Feb 25th 2013 in Vaccinations
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How old was she is 2011. She needs a series of three puppy distemper vaccines, plus one after a year of age. If she was under a year old, or didn't have her three puppy vaccines then that one in 2011 would have been a one year vaccine only.
They are only considered three year only when the complete puppy series is done and the dog is over one year of age.

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