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I have a service dog that I trained myself with large quantities of help from a professional trainer. He only knows one task but is I a important one for my independence as a college student. I recently looked up the possibility of getting a professionally trained, for lack of a better work, "commercial" service dog. The reason for this is because my dog doesn't know as many tasks as would be helpful to me. I've attempted to teach my current dog these tasks with little success. My question is "can a person have 2 service dogs"? My apartment only allows service dogs and not pets. If it turns out I can't have 2 for some reason then I will stick with my current dog, although I don't see him learning the tasks that would make a major improvment in everyday life

Asked by Member 1132882 on Sep 26th 2012 Tagged servicedog in Laws & Legislation
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My understanding is that you can have 2 service dogs that perform different, or even similar tasks. A service dog is akin to a piece of medical you could have a wheelchair & crutches for different situations.
For a more indepth response & answers to any more questions you might have, I urge you to post in the Service & Therapy Dog Forum on the main forums page.
There are some very knowledgable folk there who can give you awesome advice & steer you to the proper statutes that can help you.
Good luck.

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