2 of my dogs have hated each other since the day they met,how do i make them become friends? (Both Male,Bad History).

I have 3 dogs : 8 month Pit-bull Mix,8month Chow-Chow
and a 1 month Terrier ALL MALE.

The story begins like this: One day we get a 4 month old Pit-bull mix and we were as happy as could be..but a few months later we get a 6month old Chow chow. At first they seem to be the best of Friends; they would sleep together and bark at our neighbors together, but a few days later my pit-bull doesn't want to share the attention of his owners so he attacks. The Next day The chow wants to eat the pits food so he attacks. The next day The they both try to be the alpha dog and both attack but the fight goes on too long and they get hurt real bad.

Ever since that day they hate each other every time they see each other. They were Separated for 2 months and now I really want them to become friends again.

So my question is how can i get 2 dogs with a BAD past to become friends again.

Asked by Member 1032324 on Apr 29th 2011 Tagged anger, fights, notobediant in Aggression
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Sounds like a dominant issue. Are they both neutered? I highly recommend getting them neutered if they aren't already. It could also be the energy of the other dog. Some dogs just don't get along with each other. You could bring in the same breed but a different dog and they would be best buddies, you could also bring in the same breed and they would fight all the time.

What were their pasts like?

Food aggression - Feed both of the dogs in a separate room. Feed one dog in one room and the other dog in another. Some dogs don't like other's to touch their food.

Cesar Millan is my favorite dog trainer, he's the best. Check out his site on how to stop all of this behavior -

Cesar Millan also has books that you can check out.

Check out this Dogster Forum, post a thread here, you'll get good responses -

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but if you kept adding dogs, did you take the first dog to meet the second dog and so forth. If they never got to meet each other on neutral ground other then their home then this sets up a bad disaster, whether they are trying to display dominance in the house. There is always a chain of dominance in multiple dog homes, no one can argue that. But, they can clash like us humans do if they were never given that meet and greet opportunity. Plus, I never feed any dogs loose. This sets up the whole fight situation.
Neutering is good, but it does not change things now. Now you have to reintroduce them and also are these dogs getting lots of exercise? this is a biggy. They must be able to burn off energy and pent up energy, It's a must! A tired dog is a happy dog, my biggest motto is that!
Make a list of when each dog is exercised. MAke a big chart and stick with it.Make sure each dog gets one on one attention from you away from the others, rotate dogs and exercise them more!

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