2 destructive dachshunds.

My 3 year old dachshunds have been in an escalating arms race with us for the past two years. We stopped crating them when both my wife and I were going to be away at work for 6-8 hours a day, and started allowing them to be gated in the kitchen/dining area. We put down pads so they would not have accidents on the floor, which they consistently shred. They started getting into cabinets in the kitchen, so I had to child proof it. They started getting books and shredding them, so we put doors on the book cases, which now one of them has seen fit to paw/chew open and shred books again. We've had to remove all seat cushions because they shred them. They are constantly getting into everything, and ignoring toys, even ones with treats in them in favor of ruining things. They NEVER do this when we are around. It's getting expensive and extremely frustrating. HELP.

Asked by Member 1108639 on May 1st 2012 Tagged destructive in Separation Anxiety
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I would go back to crating them. Before work tire them COMPLETELY out and leave them in their crates with a frozen kong or a bullystick to chew on.

Another option is to have a dogwalker come over in the middle of the day to give them a potty break/walk/playtime.

Obi answered on 5/1/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


If you live in a warm state I would buy an outdoor kennel (cage with roof) and make them stay ouside while you are at work. If you are in a cold state I would still get one of those kennels and put it in the garage where they cannot do anymore damage.

Keeva answered on 5/1/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Dogs thrive on consistancy and routine. By leaving them out of the crates that made them safe for the first year of life they feel scared and abandoned.

Think I'm kidding?

A friend of mine moved her dog's crate into another room. The next time she crated the dog to leave for work, she wailed and howled like she was being killed.
My friend came in to find her trying to break out of the crate and hurting herself doing so. She let her loose in the house, but she tore things up. At a loss she asked me what to do. I said put the crate back in it's old spot. Sure enough, the dog is happy and quiet back in the crate as long as it's in the original spot in the house.

Your dogs have been miserable for two years and telling you clearly they were not ready to be loose and alone.
Put the crates up where they used to be and allow them to get reacquainted with treats and praise for going inside.
then you can stimulate the economy and renovate the kitchen.

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Crates are not just your friend, they're your pup's friend too. Clearly these two weren't ready to be out. They're stressed and frustrated, and making you the same way. Re-introduce the crate.

Our lab growing up was crated for years when we were gone. One day she growled when my dad put her in, so he left her out. We never had any trouble after that, but she was about four and VERY active.

Do your dogs get a lot of exercise? Are they receiving training, etc.? A tired dog is a happy dog.

Helo answered on 5/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer