2 cats and 1 dog in the house. How do we get the dog to stop urinating in the house?

I just moved in with 2 new roommates. One has 2 indoor cats and the other has a 5yr old male Maltipoo. The dog keep peeing all over the house, usually near the litterbox when someone is cleaning it out (daily) or in the bathroom on the bathmat. We use vinegar and baking soda to remove the urine. The dog is now crated when no one is home and is ALWAYS taken outside when someone comes home to go potty. We've been in our place a month and are quickly coming to the end of our patience. He's a sweet dog, but this behavior has got to stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 1212669 on Feb 23rd 2014 Tagged cats, urinatinginhouse in House Soiling
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Pineapple Smushface

Was the dog trained before? Has he lived with cats before? The vinegar mixture that you are using does not remove the pheromones in the pee, so the dog will keep going in the same spots. Use a urine remover product from the pet store and discipline the dog when he potties inside. Time out is good. He needs to be kept on a strict feeding and walking schedule, and keep putting him away at night. if you need further help, there is a $5 manual that PetsMart sells called "Potty Training Is Possible". Make the dog's owner buy it and read it cover to cover! ^_^

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