1 Year old Female Miniature Doxie submissive peeing inside almost everyday. At the end of my rope!! HELP!

I have a 1 year old female dachshund that has a big problem with submissive peeing. All I have to do is bend down to put her leash/ harness on to take her outside & she squats and pees. We have tried everything from not saying a word and taking her directly outside after she goes to giving her trouble for it. Nothing seems to work! I am at my wits end! She goes poop and pee fine outside and will ask to go out when she has to go. It is going to come to the point where I am going to have to get rid of the dog because I can't have her ruining the carpets/hardwood floors(as I rent and don't own my own house). Before we got the dog I did read up on the breed and knew there would be some issues but never thought that I would be dealing with this problem after she was a year old. I don't want to get rid of the dog because she does have a lot of great qualities but my frustration with this problem is getting the better of me.

Asked by Maya on Jan 9th 2013 Tagged submissivepeeing, minituredachshund in House Soiling
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Hi Maya,

First off, please reconsider giving away your dog. I believe any problem can be overcome with the right training, consistency and patience. Lots and lots of patience!

I assume you are taking her out regularly enough to do her business. Watch for signs, if she is sniffing around in circles, chances are she has to go! Typically, within 15 minutes of eating/drinking, she'll have to go. At 1 year old, she should be able to hold it in for a few hours but every dog is different. It's best to just watch for signs.

You say that she does pee and poop outside fine. When she does go outside - PRAISE her! Big time! Make a big deal, give her treats, "Yes! You pee'd outside!". It may seem a little ridiculous but over time she should associate doing her business outside with positive things and will only want to go outside.

May I suggest reading this article? Seems to cover some of the things you mentioned.

Member 1149050 answered on 1/9/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well maybe you should look at it from your pup's angle. A giant leans over to put something on your body so you can't get away, a giant that can not be trusted as her moods seem to change, you tinkle to appease the giant not to hurt you as she has given you trouble in the past for getting excited about needing to go outside..

First call her to you calmly to go outside, be in a position so you are not leaning over her (sit or squat down) Calmly put the harness and leash on in an area that is easily cleaned such as tile in case she tinkles and go straight outside. Make sure you praise her and give her a treat for going in the proper place outside. If she tinkles ignore it and make sure you clean it up with enzymatic cleaner while she is in another room.

Please keep your pup. It will take patience and consistency but lots of pups grow out of it. Best of Luck!

Obi answered on 1/9/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


If she is peeing when you bend over her then simply do not do that, sit on a piece of furniture or the floor, have the leash/harness with you and a small treat. Call her over to you and introduce the harness and treat to her so that she feels comfortable. If she gets really excited then wait till she calms down before putting on the harness/leash. Have you though of just using a martingale collar (they are easier to get on then a harness and will not hurt her, i use them on all mine)

It is typical for doxies to have issues like this, please know that just because the dog is a year old that does not make all her puppy problems magically disappear. I have rescued all my doxies and fostered many dogs over the years.

Patience is important, she is not confident and you need to find activities that will help to build that, agility and taking her to new places are great ways to help with confidence.

Feel free to message me if you want more tips or decide to re-home her.

Maggie answered on 1/9/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Good advice already from the others about training. I also wanted to add (since I am also a renter) that you can buy temporary faux tiles that will not harm the floors when you move and need to remove them. Might be an idea for during training? Do a search online for them.

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