11 month old boston terrier, daily accidents!

I have an 11 month old female boston terrier who is still having accidents every day in the house!
She always seems to choose spots she knows she's not allowed to be, the kitchen and dining room, to pee. She usually will warn us to let her out, but at least once a day she just doesn't want to.
We also own her brother (didn't know it's a bad idea to get 2 from the same litter at the time, no regrets now though, we love them both!) and he hasn't had an accident in about a month, and before that his accidents were very rare.
Any insights? Any tips or advice?

Thanks in advance!

Asked by Member 1077831 on Dec 15th 2011 Tagged accidents, bostonterrier, female, male, months, smallbreed, training in Methods of Training
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Sometimes dogs just revert. Start housetraining from square one again - put her on a strict schedule. Don't wait for her to warn you that she needs to go out; take her out once every three or four hours so it's hard for her to have an accident. Clean up accidents inside with enzyme cleaner. Crate her when no one can keep an eye on her, and praise and reward her with food for peeing outside.

If you're concerned that it's not just a training issue (like if she's urinating excessively, in her sleep, etc) you might want to have her checked for a UTI, but I'm guessing it's nothing medical.

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