i have a 5 month old who i just found out has a MASSIVE amount of worms! we dewomed him when he was younger but i guess it wasnt enough! i never saw worms in his stool but they're there!! how often should i deworm him? when do i know when they're gone, and should i deworm my 1yr old just in case? is it ok to deworm an older dog???

Asked by Member 974754 on Aug 3rd 2010 in Worms & Parasites
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yes. you should deworm both dogs. on the box of worm stuff it normally says how much to give, and how often. i would deworm them every ten days for two times, and then after that, every few months. depending on if it gets better or worse would determine how long you should do it. also if you got any other animals, you should deworm them as well. it won't do much good, if only one dog is treated and the ones arn't. any dog over the age of six weeks and over five pounds can and should be deworms. hope this helps. :)

Belle answered on 8/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Wormer is poison and should ONLY be used when prescribed by a veterinarian for the specific worms your dog has, determined by a stool sample examined by the veterinarian. Only two types of worms normally affecting dogs are visible by the naked eye in their stool... tapeworms and roundworms, and both these worms need a different wormer to get rid of them. There are also other worms commonly affecting dogs... hookworms, whipworms and also other intestinal parasites that are not worms. The only way to tell what your dog has is with the stool sample examined by the vet and the only way to be sure you kill the worms your dog has and not your dog is by getting the wormer FROM your vet, not from the local walmart or grocery store. Each wormer is made for different worms and one does not work for all! You also need to repeat them at the time prescribed by your veterinarian to make sure all the worms are killed. The few dollars you save in the grocery store may cost your dog it's life!!

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