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I am going on vacation for 2 1/2 weeks, do not want to board dog-16 yrs old, would it be awful to have a pet care servic?

I am going on vacation for 2 1/2 weks, do not want to board dog, 16 yrs old, would it be awful to have in home care 2x's a day to walk and check on…

ASKED BY Member 1001397 on 8/21/10
TAGGED vacation, doghomealone IN U.S. Midwest


I'm looking for a cute spot in CHICAGO for my engagement photo shoot... That allows BIG dogs! Suggestions?

Hello! My fiance and I have an engagement photo shoot coming up... And it wouldn't be complete without our Great Dane, Minnie, in the photos... I'm…

ASKED BY Minnie on 6/7/10
TAGGED chicago IN U.S. Midwest

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I'm 8 years old can volunteer at an animal shelter?

i love dogs and puppies. im going to get one on my bday it will be from the animal shelter. i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

ASKED BY Member 979354 on 4/2/10
TAGGED volunteerwork IN U.S. Midwest


Does anyone know of a dog-friendly indoor walking/running track in the Chicago area?

For times when it's raining or the weather does not allow for long walks, are there any indoor walking/running tracks that I can take my dog to?

ASKED BY Star on 6/30/09
TAGGED exercise, dogparks, indoortrack IN U.S. Midwest

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Where in nebraska can we get our females spayed? we need help with the payment. our humane society does not have funds?

please give us someone in nebraska that will spayed our females for no money or something. our humane society usually have funds in this program…

ASKED BY Member 682683 on 2/18/09
IN U.S. Midwest

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I have just bought a doberman and I am trying to find a local vet that will crop her ears. will just any vet crop them?

i live in granite city IL and am wanting to find someone to crop my dobermans ears.. who can i look for? who can i trust will do a good job??

ASKED BY Member 766025 on 11/10/08
IN U.S. Midwest


Does anyone know what dog parks are good to go to in the Aurora, Illinois area?

I just moved to Aurora, Illinois in December of last year. I've looked up some of the different dog parks in the area, but I'm not really sure which…

ASKED BY Tj on 8/13/08
TAGGED dogpark, illinois, aurora IN U.S. Midwest

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Anyone in the Chicago Area seeking a marketing professional for their dog-focused business?

I'm looking to make a career change into the pet industry. I live in Chicago and I am a marketer by profession with experience in direct-to-consumer…

ASKED BY Member 648829 on 7/17/08
TAGGED needhelpwithyourmarketing IN U.S. Midwest

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