Usual vets here in the Philippines advices not to bathe a pup after vaccination?

What will happen if my american akita (3.5 month old)got drizzled by the rain? He had vaccination 3 days ago. I toweled him to dry him off. Although…

ASKED BY Kiara on 10/20/13
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Have any other dog owners experienced severe side effects from their dogs' Bordatella intranasal vaccine?

My 11 yr old poodle mix recently rc'd a Bordatella vaccine with nearly immediate side effects...lethargy, staring off into space, fear of going up…

ASKED BY Member 1185969 on 8/17/13
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We have multiple cats and dogs. Is it neccesary for the dogs to have bordetalla, distemper, parvo or influenza shots?

We live out in the country. 2 of the dogs roam around (can't keep them contained in the backyard) 1 of them comes in the house for a little while most…

ASKED BY Member 1179796 on 7/11/13
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What is the lump my dog developed one week after getting the rabies vaccination in her hind leg?

Took my dog for vaccinations on June 21st, on June 29 noticed two separate, but close together, marble sized hard lumps on her right hind quarter…

ASKED BY Member 1177727 on 6/30/13
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Do I need to have my dogs rabies boostered everytime they tangle and kill a varmint? They killed a possum a little over?

a month ago and then a woodchuck. My vets recommendation is yes if it's been over 30 days. Both times I did get the booster but isn't that a bit…

ASKED BY Wilbur on 6/15/13
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Alice Barrett

First shots and deworming about 10 month puppy she cries when picking her up hasn't eaten or drank water all day sleeping?

My question is kind of long sorry about it, my dog is about 10 months old and she just got her first set of shots and deworming, it was about 1:25…

ASKED BY Alice Barrett on 6/14/13
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