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What are lumps that develope under a spay incistion site after 4 wks post spay?

My Bella was spayed 4 wks ago today and this morning when she rolled over I noticed 3 lumps under her incision scar. She has been back to her normal…

ASKED BY Bella Marie on 4/19/13
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I purchased a year old chihuaha from a private person. Her records indicate she was spayed about 3 months ago?

yesterday her vulva was swollen and little drops of blood. she isnt sick she eats and drinks fine. what could it be?

ASKED BY Member 1158696 on 3/9/13
IN Spaying & Neutering


Great Pyrenees: Is it safe to neuter?

I have a 7 week old Great Pyrenees, Baxter, and I have been doing some research on when to be the best time to neuter him. The information i have…

ASKED BY Baxter on 1/21/13
TAGGED greatpyrenees, spay, neuter, safe, help, healthconcerns IN Spaying & Neutering

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I have a 4 year old bitch Cocker spaniel. She has had 2litters a breeder. When is the right time for her to be spayed?

English Cocker. I was told by the breeder that she was last in season about 4 months ago, but she has now just started another season. I am ignorant…

ASKED BY Member 1148724 on 1/7/13
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13 month Shepherd bled from Dec 19-Jan 1, 14 days. Is it safe 2 go 2 dogpark yet? Length between heats? Spay now or wait?

Some concerns I have are that since she finished bleeding she seems a little more aggressive, she wants attention NOW. She has started jumping up on…

ASKED BY Goshe on 1/3/13
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Injection to prevent heat cycle?

Tia is not yet spayed, so she had a shot that prevents her from coming into heatit lasts for about 5 months i don`t know the name of the injection…

ASKED BY Tia on 12/15/12
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My dog has large nipples even though my vet say she is fixed?

My Black and Tan Coonhound has large even though the vet says she is fixed, but the pounds says she is not. what should I do? Should I take her to the…

ASKED BY Member 1116541 on 11/11/12
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Stitches that did not dissolve?

My 7 month old dog/puppy was spayed in early September and on the inside they were supposed to dissolve after a week or so. When petting her belly…

ASKED BY Jasmine on 10/23/12
TAGGED dogs, spaying, stitches, sutures IN Spaying & Neutering

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