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Do yorkie have a problem with itching my is scratching herself to much?

I give my yorkie a bath every week and I check for flea she does not have any. But she is still scratching herself. and bites herself like she still…

ASKED BY Member 1198373 on 11/8/13
IN Skin Problems


Home Remedies for hot spots/terrible itching?

Bear is not my dog, he's a friend's dog. Lately, Bear has had a terrible hot spot on his rump that's been getting worse. My Lab had a similar…

ASKED BY Shasta on 10/14/13
TAGGED hotspot, chewing, bleeding IN Skin Problems

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13 year old Dachshund skin problems. Raised bumps, fluid filled, very itchy. picture inside?

Hello, I need your help diagnosing my dogs skin condition. My mom took her to a vet and was told its "skin tags" which I dont believe. The vet…

ASKED BY Member 1193720 on 10/9/13
IN Skin Problems

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Shih Tzu eye yeast infection? Our 5 year old developed an eye issue which is causing a crust on the skin between eyes?

5 years old. 17 lbs. no issue with fleas, good diet, well loved, moved to new place in April same town with a higher humidity. Laminate floor with…

ASKED BY Member 1188006 on 8/31/13
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My 3 yr old Pug recently developed 3 wart like masses on her vulva, what could they be?

Photo of infected area: She isn't in any pain that I can see. She scratches her butt on the floor once in a…

ASKED BY Member 1186385 on 8/20/13
IN Skin Problems

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Why is my rescue licking herself raw and is there a natural or over the counter remedy?

My rescue pup has been licking herself, specifically her leg, ever since she was groomed a few weeks ago. She has always licked, but not this…

ASKED BY Member 1185141 on 8/11/13
TAGGED licking, skin, sick, allergies, fungal, leg IN Skin Problems


No sign of fleas yet my poor girl is scratching like crazy! Same problem last year.…

Vet had no answer other than to add some oil to her food. Her undercoat is fuzzy gray and she is leaving clumps of fur everywhere. My cat has scabby…

ASKED BY Allie on 8/8/13
IN Skin Problems

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My dog has a red sore under his jaw.…

Hey, I have a 6 year old Labrador Retriever who has a red sore under his jaw. It appeared a week ago and I'm currently not sure if I should go see the…

ASKED BY Member 1184633 on 8/8/13
TAGGED health, sore IN Skin Problems

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