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My dog has mast cell cancer and is not currently on insurance. I am looking for a pet insurance company?

My 4 year old boxer has mast cell tumor cancer that just finished radiation treatment. He is currently not on pet insurance, and I am looking for a…

ASKED BY Member 1140614 on 11/14/12
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What is pet insurance?

I have tried researching the topic and am just finding lots of advertisements. I need the basics on pet insurance- how do I get it, who are the best…

ASKED BY Jane on 10/17/12
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If my dog is a year and she hasnt gone into her second heat what do i do?

ive had my rhodesian pit for almost a year now and when i got her she was 2 months about 3 or 4 months after i had her she went into her first heat…

ASKED BY Member 1127832 on 9/7/12
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I just want to warn anyone who need pet insurance for your baby so STOP !!! DO NOT CONTACT WITH VPI PET INSURANCE?

My dog " Buddy " was run around hotel room and hit his Right back leg with the table and then he walk like limping so i take him to Doral Vet FL…

ASKED BY Buddy on 3/9/10
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What are best food for shih tzu that doesn't like dog food?

my dog doesn't like dog food.she only eat what we also this good for her? and also my problem is she is eating her poo poo or her dirt?what…

ASKED BY Member 893064 on 9/27/09
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Quincy - CGC

Pet insurance yes or no?

Pet insurance yes or no? I have been thinking of getting pet insurance for Quincy but my mother says that for the amount that they would be charging…

ASKED BY Quincy - CGC on 7/19/09
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What's the best pet insurance?

I'm looking ot get insurance for my puppy, Mitzy. (11 wk old chi/mini-schnauzer mix) and need some opinions! So far petplan( seems…

ASKED BY Member 844289 on 6/16/09
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