Is 17lbs too small?

my olde enlglish bulldogge was 12wks on 01/24 i took to vet he was 17 lbs two wks previous he was 10.9 so yea from 10.9 to 17 lbs in two weeks is that…

ASKED BY xBRUTUSx on 1/28/15
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Health of Breezer?

My 4 month old Golden retriever puppy looks little skiny. I have increased his diet but he just doesn't seem to gain weight. He is very active and…

ASKED BY Daisy on 8/15/14
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Gag Cough. i have a new puppy that is 5 months old and has this gag cough that last a quick second. Could be when drink?

My new puppy at 5 months old does this quick gag cough. The vet told me it is definately collapse trachea because when she pressed on his neck he did…

ASKED BY Member 1037513 on 8/13/14
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Tips on caring for a dog with medial patellar luxation?

My little boy was diagnosed with grade III medial patellar luxation :(, We looked into getting him surgery but its not guaranteed to help, besides…

ASKED BY Banjo on 5/30/14
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What should we do? Husky has seizures?

Dimitri the family husky had 2-3 seizures within 24 hours. We are really low on money. Like we can't pay all of the bills. My dog roxy attacks him…

ASKED BY Member 1127550 on 5/26/14
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Spayed Female 8 years old platelet 1078 BUN 42 Spayed Female 2 years old ALT 397 Is this abnormal?

They are both Chihuahuas. Just moved to NC, new Vet. Not sure if they are being honest. I appreciate all help. I love my girls!

ASKED BY Carmen on 5/22/14
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I found a white pimple like thing on my dogs upper eyelid (rim) It lools like something white peeking out of the skin?

Its not a skin tag Not a cyst like bump White filled. Not yellowy or dischargy, soft but solid came out I did gently squeeze it out of the…

ASKED BY Spike on 2/21/14
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