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Adenodal Carcenomia in 10 yo Std.Schnauzer. Are there non-chemo treatments? I want something holistic, please help?

We have been to the vet, and had the tumors removed. We have had two rounds of chemo with Carboplatin, that did nothing. The cancer is now spreading…

ASKED BY Member 521898 on 12/3/12
TAGGED cancer, adenodalcarcinoma, chemo, treatment, recover IN Cancer

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My dog might have cancer, but I cannot afford treatment or surgery, do you know of a website were I could get help?

I think my dog might have cancer, he has a huge blister inside his mouth and I guess it goes really deep because he cannot breathe properly, I know he…

ASKED BY Member 1141974 on 11/23/12
TAGGED cancer, help, health, treatment, donation IN Cancer


Can dogs have tumors?

My 5 year old girl dog who's a shih tzu/peckinese mix has this weird round lump on her stomach and some people say it might be a tumor. Is it? I'm…

ASKED BY Ruby on 9/30/12
TAGGED tumor, cancer, shihtzu, peckinese IN Cancer

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Hi - What to do??? What are your thoughts regarding surgery for our 11.5 y/o min. Pincher?

11.5 years old, the vets found a mass that runs from her kidneys to her pelvic region - it's full of liquid. They've looked at the liquid under a…

ASKED BY Member 1122157 on 7/23/12
IN Cancer

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Why does my 14 year old terrier have a soft lump on her hip the size of a tennis ball? what could it be? wat should i do?

ive recently noticed a soft lump the size of a tennis ball on my 14 year old dog, which is on her back hip. she does not seem in any pain and does not…

ASKED BY Member 1065137 on 10/21/11
TAGGED skinirritation IN Cancer

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My 10 yr. Old dog has a lump on her leg that is a sarcoma. We can't afford surgery. What should we do?

I have called a lot of vets, but I can't seem to find anyone that will do the removal for less than 1,500 or so. Also, some vets said I need to take…

ASKED BY Member 1050868 on 9/1/11
IN Cancer

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