Can anyone recommend a natural remedy for seasonal allergies? Topical treatments/ herbal pills?

I've been reading about Doc Ackerman's Instant Hot Spot Relief Spray, Animals' Apawthecary Fidoderm Spray for Dogs, Health Concerns Skin Balance and…

ASKED BY Dale on 10/23/12
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Can a cyst be found between the shoulder blades that is seeping fluid. My 1yr.old Newfoundland has a tender lump?

My dog Charlie has been to the vet June 4th for his shots.I called the vet today(October 1st) and asked if the shots could have caused the lump but…

ASKED BY Charlie on 10/1/12
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My dog is having an allergic reaction to her distemper vaccine. What should I do?

My dog just got her distemper vaccine today. We gave her 12.5mg of benadryl at 3 and she got her shot at 3:30. She was fine all day until about 5 when…

ASKED BY Member 1127228 on 8/23/12
TAGGED distemper, swelling, benadryl IN Allergies

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Repost sorry: can one dog be allergic to another dog?

My 5 yr old doxie has had red, watery, irritated eyes since the moment we brought home our 8 week old mixed breed puppy. Our doxie is bliking a lot…

ASKED BY Member 1122571 on 7/25/12
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What can I do to help my 7 year old Labrador's grass allergy, apart from giving Piriton twice a day?

The allergy he has was up till last year a seasonal thing, but is now a year round thing. It makes his body itch a lot, which he shows by itching…

ASKED BY Member 1112942 on 5/28/12
TAGGED grass, allergy, labrador IN Allergies

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