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Alternative to Raw?

So, what do you feed when a full raw diet just isn't possible? For example, no freezer space, financially incapable, still live with parents that…

ASKED BY Member 1245905 3 days, 4 hours ago
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I have a 55lb female American Pitbull Terrier that I have been changing the diet to totally raw. Been about 10 days now?

She had a bout of liquid stool 5 times yesterday. Just wondering if this is the body getting rid of bad juju? She's eaten raw for approx 10 days now.

ASKED BY Member 1242857 on 2/24/15
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I have been feeding my dog raw for a little over a month. She is now licking her butt like crazy. Any reasons?

I switched to raw because she was scratching her skin. Scratching has stopped (except normal stuff) but now she constantly licks her butt. She's not…

ASKED BY Member 1235995 on 10/21/14
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I am transitioning my husky from canned and kibble dog food to frozen raw?

My question is, during the transition, can I mix the canned dog food with the frozen raw? I know I am not supposed to mix kibble and frozen…

ASKED BY Maya on 10/26/13
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Switched to Raw Food. It's been 2 weeks and very few, runny poops. I'm very concerned but also inexperienced?

She is a 2 year old, 50 lb mutt. I've switched her to raw food and she loves it. I've been giving about a pound a day. A little bit of cow liver and…

ASKED BY Member 1194956 on 10/18/13
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Raw meaty Bones diet. Has anyone fed large bones successfully? I know they are supposed to break teeth. Evidence pls?

Not planning to talk to a vet about this, but I have consulted the RMB website. My dogs are Border Collies, currently on a 50/50 diet of quality…

ASKED BY Member 1185025 on 8/11/13
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How many pounds of raw food do my giant breed puppies need?

Hey there dog lovers! This is my first ever post, and I've got an important question for all you raw feeders! I have two giant breed mixes: A one…

ASKED BY Member 1153247 on 2/2/13
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