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Dog food recalls on evo senior brand?

I recently recieved a bag of evo dry dog food, senior, my dogs have been having the runs. I thought it was just the heat because sometimes it does…

ASKED BY Member 1115435 on 6/13/12
TAGGED runnypoop, throwingup, bloodineither IN Pet Food Recalls

Angel Ebbie lou

I want to provide the satisfactory answer to my question I asked earlier about possible Blue Buffalo recall.…

I want to provide Blue Buffalo's reps' answer to my question which has completely satisfied me now. Kim of Blue Buffalo has stated there are…

ASKED BY Angel Ebbie lou on 6/17/10
IN Pet Food Recalls

Angel Ebbie lou

A rep at a pet store told me Blue Buffalo dog food has been recalled for mold in the bag..true or false?

My dog got very ill (severe diarrhea) when transitioned to Blue Buffalo dog food and then I heard of this recall. But I can't find anything on line…

ASKED BY Angel Ebbie lou on 6/17/10
IN Pet Food Recalls

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Is Ol' roy dog food bad or good?

My dogs never ate Ol' roy before. I'm just wondering.

ASKED BY Member 862224 on 2/19/10
IN Pet Food Recalls

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Can ethoxyquin be completely removed from plastic kibble storage containers?

I used to feed my puppy a kibble that I recently found out contained ethoxyquin. I kept that food in an awesome container, and I want to re-use that…

ASKED BY Member 930235 on 12/14/09
TAGGED toxic, ingredients IN Pet Food Recalls


Getting sick?

I bought a PETCO brand Hickory Pork Ham Bone 2 days ago, my dog literally wolfed it down with in hours... 6 Hours later I came home and he had…

ASKED BY Cody on 11/8/09
TAGGED petco, dogbone, cowhooves, pigears, recall, salmonella IN Pet Food Recalls

Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

Recent dog food recalls (not a question)?

Recently, a member has been claiming that "the common brands" have not had recalls in recent years. Many big name brands such as Iams, Purina…

ASKED BY Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011) on 6/18/09
TAGGED food, recalls, information IN Pet Food Recalls

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