Lila Jane the Fox

Any clues on the breed of my puppy? I got her at the Humane Society. Thinking maybe Aussie or Toller mix?

The Humane Society said their best guess was collie-husky mix. The vet then told us she's definitely mostly Aussie. Then someone suggested that…

ASKED BY Lila Jane the Fox on 3/25/12
TAGGED australianshepherd, novascotiaducktollingretriever, toller, aussie, mixed IN Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.


Where did she get the ears from? She also has a few strands of very hard to see black hair?

We are taking Tia to the vet on Wed to get her all of her shots. She is already fixed so someone cared for her at some time. We are puzzled about…

ASKED BY Tia on 8/13/10
IN Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.


Could my dog be a Toller?

The more I read about the breed, the more I think she could be one. Yes, this is all speculation, but what do you think? On…

ASKED BY Mississippi on 10/1/07
TAGGED breeds, mutts, mixes, whatsmydog IN Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.

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