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What is a plott hound mixed with?

ASKED BY Member 1117971 on 6/28/12
IN Plott Hound

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My old english sheepdog wont stop eating and pulling out my daisies real or plastic is this a normal thing for them?

I have planted real and fake daisies in pots and she pulls them all out there are lots of other kinds but she just pulls out the daisies is this a…

ASKED BY Member 1114646 on 6/8/12
IN Breeds N-R


I measured my girl this morning she is 26", max for her standard, being not quite 2 will she grow more in height?

She weighs 38 kilos, and has beautiful lines no fat, deep chest, you feel but not see her ribs, vet said beautiful condition no weight issues,but…

ASKED BY Kimmi on 5/10/12
TAGGED size, breed, rhodesianridgeback, standard IN Rhodesian Ridgeback

Lila Jane the Fox

Any clues on the breed of my puppy? I got her at the Humane Society. Thinking maybe Aussie or Toller mix?

The Humane Society said their best guess was collie-husky mix. The vet then told us she's definitely mostly Aussie. Then someone suggested that…

ASKED BY Lila Jane the Fox on 3/25/12
TAGGED australianshepherd, novascotiaducktollingretriever, toller, aussie, mixed IN Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Rtvr.

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Are rat terriers good homemates, girl girl or guy giry, mine is spayed?

my gal is 2years old, spayed and a love to be around. Like to know if a rat pal would be good? I am out about 7 hours but thats it, and Mutley…

ASKED BY Member 1099061 on 3/24/12
TAGGED friendformutley IN Rat Terrier

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What does xxx1 mean?

what does it mean when you get this in place of your dogs last name from the akc it says his first name then xxx1

ASKED BY Member 1087711 on 1/27/12
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How do we stop our pekingese from going bathroom in the house, since she will not go outside in the winter?

Our pekingese is a yr+ dog from resuce, and is housetrained, and a good dog. But now that the real cold days of winter have come, she won't go…

ASKED BY Member 1085705 on 1/19/12
TAGGED pekingese, urination, indoorissues IN Pekingese

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Is it possible that my pomeranian is not a purebreed? she is not that fluffy?

I have a 16 week old pomeranian that i was told is puurebred, both parents were on-site and were pure bred. But my puppy isnt that fluffy. around her…

ASKED BY Member 1082791 on 1/7/12
IN Pomeranian

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