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I am driving myself and my husband crazy trying to decide between and English and Bullmastiff. I have heard horror stor?

Just looking for an honest opinion as to which breed is the best dog as far as attitude, not being destructive, and trainability. Mastiff or…

ASKED BY Member 1193447 on 10/8/13
IN Mastiff

Pepper Pots

I'm about to post more pictures of pepper, but I really believe she is a greyhound. Does she seem like a greyhound to an?

We adopted pepper from a greyhound rescue and they put her breed as unknown. Well she is 8 weeks old or so and weighs about ten to fifteen pounds. She…

ASKED BY Pepper Pots on 8/15/13
TAGGED unknownbreed, greyhound IN Greyhound

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My german shepherd eats but not alot you can feel his ribs and back bone?

i have try lots of things but he just doesnt put on weight he is health and the vet has done test and there is nothing wrong he just want put on…

ASKED BY Member 1183210 on 7/30/13
IN German Shepherd

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What are normal looks for a red fox lab? I am in touch with a breeder he states the dam is English/American red fox lab?

I am in touch with a breeder he states the dam is English/American red fox lab and the sire is English red fox lab. Not sure of the dam by the pic he…

ASKED BY Member 1178497 on 7/4/13
IN Labrador Retriever


I brush my dogs teeth daily, well sometimes I forget, but he still has gingivitis. Tried offering Antlers but neither?

Other chews don't seem to do much and finding raw marrow bones seem to be hard to find.

ASKED BY Wilbur on 5/9/13
IN Jack Russell Terrier

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A vet that we haven't been to before said today that he doesn't think our Yellow lab is a purebred?

He said that she won't get much bigger than she already is. He also said that her fur is too soft and that her nose is too short. I told him she…

ASKED BY Member 1157680 on 3/2/13
IN Labrador Retriever

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Where should i get a dog?

i want a German Shepherd dog and don't know were to get one

ASKED BY Member 1157112 on 2/26/13
IN German Shepherd

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