I have started a American Pit Bull Terrier/And other dog chat room?

please come to the group chat on Facebook, you can find it buy typing in American Pit Bull Terrier chat, or follow this link…

ASKED BY Roxi on 6/12/11
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My American Pit Bull Terrier attacked my quad! why?

Today I was riding my quad, and my dog was chained up in back yard to enjoy the day, and I rode up beside her slowly and she attacked the tires and…

ASKED BY Roxi on 6/11/11
IN American Pit Bull Terrier

Bone Crusher

To Merle, or Not to Merle?

Has anyone ever heard the debate over whether a Merle APBT is purebred or a crossbreed? The breed standards for the ADBA & UKC don't allow the color…

ASKED BY Bone Crusher on 11/5/10
TAGGED merle, crossbred IN American Pit Bull Terrier


How do i explain to my dad that pit bulls are not what everyone says they are?

My dad thinks pit bulls are only used for fighting but there are some great dogs out there but manly fighting dogs ive told him thats not what they…

ASKED BY *Tommy* on 10/28/10
IN American Pit Bull Terrier

Guest Member Since

Is my puppy a pit bull?

I adopted my little girl from our shelter. The other pups had been taken to rescue but of course possible pit mixes are left behind. I do not mind…

ASKED BY Member 999541 on 8/5/10
TAGGED pitbull, puppy, breeds, pics, info, pit, mixbreed IN American Pit Bull Terrier

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