Dog stealing food. How do I stop it?

My rescued beagle has recently started to jump on chairs and steal food. He is eating what he is supposed to be eating so I don't think he is not…

ASKED BY Hatchi 2 days, 8 hours ago
TAGGED food IN Behavior & Training


Working with a puppy that left mom too early?

I recently purchased a registered dalmatian puppy. He is a wonderful, perfect dog. The thing I'm worried about is that he left mom at 5 weeks old…

ASKED BY Crosby 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED dalmatian, puppy, biting, training IN Behavior & Training

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I have a beagle mix. We adopted him when he was two years old last April. He is a people dog. I can see he likes to be?

with other dogs. However, he likes to bit them when they get closer. Can you give me some suggestions? I have not been taking him to dog park for…

ASKED BY Member 1242229 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED interactionwithotherdog IN Behavior & Training


Whimpers when harness put on, screams when taken off, has been to vet, rescue dog. Pain or fear?

Dog found on street, likes men, not women so much, also cries when touched on paws, ribs, or ears but only sometimes.

ASKED BY Emma 2 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED harness IN Fears & Phobias

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My 1 year old Maltese, Lula is a regular thief around the house?

Lula will run into the bathroom and dig in the trash to get some toilet paper and tease me with it. She'll run up, just out of reach, and the.n…

ASKED BY Member 1241378 3 weeks, 2 days ago
IN Other Behavior & Training

Suie (Beloved Angel)

Our family dog has started snarling for no apparent reason.…

Our family's Border Collie/Husky/Labrador cross, about 8/9 years old, recently bit my younger brother a few months ago, when my brother fell on him…

ASKED BY Suie (Beloved Angel) 3 weeks, 3 days ago
IN Aggression


I want to find out how to teach my puppy to poop in one area?

My 8 month old puppy poops all over the yard. I dont want to have to search the whole yard for poop. Not to mention step in it. So I want to teach him…

ASKED BY Sparky 3 weeks, 6 days ago
IN Other Behavior & Training


How to act around a scared and aggressive dog?

I'm staying with family friends and their friend dropped their dalmatian off here for the day while they were going to the city. I don't know much…

ASKED BY Murphy on 2/3/15
TAGGED aggression, runt, dalmatian, barking, rescue IN Aggression

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