Have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that isn't 100% housebroken - need advice?

I have an almost-two year old French Bulldog that is still having accidents in the house & in crate. She was doing very well out of her crate so I…

ASKED BY Marlo 3 weeks, 6 days ago
TAGGED housebreaking, accidents, cratetraining, frenchbulldog, coprophagy, soiling, cratecovering IN House Soiling


We adopted a male shih-tzu who has "picky potty syndrome" and refuses to pee in our yard. Advice?

Buddy is 2-4 years old, we aren't really sure. He will mark his territory multiple times on walks, and usually won't urinate in our house, he'll…

ASKED BY Buddy on 2/2/15
TAGGED potty, training IN Other Behavior & Training

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CAN GSP BE LEFT ALONE ??? I have a 4 month old GSP that i got at 8 wks old... he has been crated so far when i am gone?

but everything i have read said this breed will be destructive if left alone.. does anyone own a GSP that can be alone in the house ? if so what age…

ASKED BY Member 1236880 on 1/29/15
IN Behavior & Training

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Our foster to adopt dog growls at EVERYBODY but us?

Our foster to adopt dog growls at everybody but us. She has been in our home 1 week now. During this week everybody that we've invited over she…

ASKED BY Member 1241406 on 1/26/15
IN Aggression


Agression towards one dog at the dog park?

Our rescue hound, Neutered approx. 1 month ago, approx.1-2 years old, Just started going to the dog park with our 2 other dogs who have been going…

ASKED BY Rufus on 1/22/15
IN Behavior & Training

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How to get my dog to bring the ball back fully?

About a month ago, I rescued a Kelpie X from the RSPCA (in Australia) named Peanut. Recently she has been bringing the ball back halfway, out of…

ASKED BY Member 1240144 on 1/21/15
TAGGED training, fetch, kelpie, ball IN Behavior & Training


My female keeshond does a funny thing while I am gone.…

I have 2 keeshonds and the female takes my socks, collars, and leashes and puts them all over the bed while I am at work or if I go shopping for a…

ASKED BY Sasha on 1/21/15
IN Other Behavior & Training

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