Little Bear

Chewing and Biting?

We have an 8 month old Yoraian. He bites at play time and it is hard has drawn blood on my wife and I. There are times we are watching TV and he…

ASKED BY Little Bear on 10/30/14
IN Chewing

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Have a 7 month old sheppard that has been kennel trained, when I let him outside to go to the bathroom he will do that?

just fine. THe problem is when I bring him back in the house he will still have an accident. I don't want to leave him in the kennel all the time. I…

ASKED BY Member 1235880 on 10/19/14
IN Behavior & Training

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How to help my puppy get over his dog attack a couple weeks ago?

He is not anxious or anything, but he just seems sad and unenergetic. He is a 2 year old tibbie/pekingese boy and he used to be super playful and…

ASKED BY Member 1152545 on 10/10/14
IN Other Behavior & Training

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Ex-energetic dog?

Goodmorning, I have a problem with my jack russell puppy...since I have him he was very energetic and playful, but the last three days he is very…

ASKED BY Member 1231151 on 9/4/14
TAGGED energetic, playful, jackrussell, puppy IN Other Behavior & Training


Advice on crating a dog during the work day?

Last week I adopted a 4(ish) month old cocker spaniel mix. The rescue group I adopted from crate trains all of their dogs so she sleeps in her…

ASKED BY Livvy on 8/8/14
IN Crate Training

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How can I train my puppy to not make messes, potty on the floor and chew things up?

I have a puppy who is about 8 months old and she has the sweetest personality and temper but, she makes soooo many messes! I love her sooo much…

ASKED BY Member 1210868 on 8/4/14
IN House Soiling

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