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I have a 5 yr old Heeler that fixates/chases/herds dogs at the dog park?

She normally rolls over and lets other dogs sniff her when we first arrive to the dog park, so I don't believe her behavior to be an issue of…

ASKED BY Member 1187136 on 8/25/13
TAGGED fixation, herding, dogpark IN Socialization

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New puppy with trust issues :(?

Hi! We recently got a 5 month old Australian Shepherd. He is a little nervous around my husband and kids. He had warmed up to me, but is having a hard…

ASKED BY Member 1179854 on 7/11/13
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How can I encourage my seven-year-old male Silky Terrier to get along with other dogs?

I am looking to adopt a second dog and my current Silky (Tango / Boo) is not cooperating. He had a Golden Retriever brother (Cash) who…

ASKED BY Tango on 6/14/13
TAGGED silkyterrier, yorkshireterrier, silky, yorkie, terrier, aggression, dogaggression, anxiety, seconddog, adoption, training, behaviour IN Socialization

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Our new cocker spaniel will not allow us to have anyone over.what should i do ?

she doesn't like children or men. Winnie is very protective of her space & will grawl, bark, snap. She is 1 1/2 years old.

ASKED BY Member 1171350 on 5/21/13
IN Socialization

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New beagle puppy don't get along with my older jack russel?

I have a jack russel male 5 -6 months old, since I got him I was always planning to get a beagle as a companion for him. Finally I got one (male…

ASKED BY Member 1166939 on 4/24/13
TAGGED beagle, jackrussel, aggressive, train, new, puppy IN Socialization

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Hi, My landlord has a 18-month old male German Shepherd. I tried to walk the dog since my landlord doesn't do it. The do?

When he is with other dogs, he spend all his time sniffing other dogs which often results in growling from other dogs. How can I teach him the…

ASKED BY Member 1165255 on 4/15/13
TAGGED socialization IN Socialization

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How can I socialize a 7 mo old puppy, when she wasn't ever handled until I rescued her at 9 weeks of age?

Ayla is a Great Pyrenees. She wasn't at a puppy mill, but was in a tiny, dirt-filled shack with her siblings. She had never been handled by the…

ASKED BY Member 1158708 on 3/9/13
IN Socialization

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