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Have a 4 year old ACD that has awful anxiety - goes berserk when home alone. Need help/advice?

We have had our ACD since she was 6 months old. She has always been anxious and had issues being alone when we first got her. She eventually got…

ASKED BY Member 1235990 on 11/4/14
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Prince Vlad

Alaskan Malamute cries constantly when we're out of site?

Our 17 week old Alaskan Malamute cries constantly when we're out of site. We try not to leave him alone too much, but I do have to make dinner. LOL…

ASKED BY Prince Vlad on 1/14/14
TAGGED separationanxiety, malamute, crying, yelping IN Separation Anxiety

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My dog becomes aggressive when I try to get her to go in her crate. what should I do?

I adopted my dog Daisy from a shelter in the beginning of November. She is a 2 year old pointer/hound mix. I also have a 7 year old yellow lab. Daisy…

ASKED BY Member 1209301 on 1/14/14
TAGGED crate, aggression, anxiety IN Separation Anxiety

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S.A. Barking Help! At the end of the rope?

At wits end here and probably close to being evicted. This dog has everything, treats, toys, another dog, background noise, food, water, even an…

ASKED BY Member 1201393 on 1/3/14
TAGGED barking, separationanxiety, crate, stress IN Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety: Our 7 year old jack russell/beagle mix barks for 2 hours after we leave- out of ideas?

We adopted this dog 18 months ago and have been dealing with his anxiety ever since. He is currently on Clomicalm which has helped as he is no longer…

ASKED BY Member 1198743 on 11/10/13
TAGGED barking, separationanxiety, pleasehelp IN Separation Anxiety

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Attachment/separation anxiety? How to prevent?

Last week we adopted a 6 month old rescue pup. He looks to be a pit mix. He was found hungry on the streets by a good samaritan a few weeks before…

ASKED BY Member 1198317 on 11/8/13
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Help! My pup won't stop trying to escape upstairs. He's 6 months old, and otherwise obedient?

Basically, my pup has separation anxiety. When my husband and son leave for football practices; he always tries to knock down the gate to upstairs…

ASKED BY Spartacus on 10/30/13
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Will getting another dog help or hurt with separation anxiety (not able to be left alone at home w/o barking)?

Does anyone have experience with getting another dog to keep the first dog company in order to help with separation anxiety? My female shih tzu…

ASKED BY Sydney on 8/22/13
TAGGED separationanxiety, shihtzu, dogs, barking, calm, friend IN Separation Anxiety

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