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How to help my puppy get over his dog attack a couple weeks ago?

He is not anxious or anything, but he just seems sad and unenergetic. He is a 2 year old tibbie/pekingese boy and he used to be super playful and…

ASKED BY Member 1152545 on 10/10/14
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Ex-energetic dog?

Goodmorning, I have a problem with my jack russell puppy...since I have him he was very energetic and playful, but the last three days he is very…

ASKED BY Member 1231151 on 9/4/14
TAGGED energetic, playful, jackrussell, puppy IN Other Behavior & Training

Lilly Yoko Garin

She'll only listen to one person.…

My baby girl Lilly is a wonderful doggy when she's with me. She walks well enough, sometimes she pulls and will jump at the occasional passing leaf…

ASKED BY Lilly Yoko Garin on 5/18/14
TAGGED alpha, beta, leash, walking, training, help IN Other Behavior & Training

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My golden retriever won't stop licking. She licks everything from skin to furniture?

It's gross when you sit in a chair and it's all wet from her licking. We've tried the sprays that are supposed to stop chewing, but she still licks.

ASKED BY Member 819860 on 4/23/14
TAGGED licking IN Other Behavior & Training


Can you help me identify this strange behavior?

My 3 year old lab mix who I have had since she was 9 weeks old has recently started acting strange in the house. When I am sitting down she nudges…

ASKED BY Sammie on 3/25/14
TAGGED whining, anxiety IN Other Behavior & Training


My dog is acting more anxious than usual?

Lately Vader has been more anxious than he usually is which is from separation anxiety. Hes been whining nonstop and unsure about where to lead when I…

ASKED BY Vader on 2/25/14
IN Other Behavior & Training


Spayed female humping neutered female?

My 9 year old spayed female sometimes humps my 3 year old neutered male while he is play-biting with his spayed 10 month old play-mate. I think it is…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 2/24/14
TAGGED female, humping, spayed, male, puppy, dog IN Other Behavior & Training

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