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My 2 Dogs Play Fight Constantly (One puppy is new, other is over a year - boy and girl)?

Hi, I have 2 dogs, a Victorian Bulldog (1yr 4months, female) and a new puppy I bought 3 days ago, who's a Bullmastiff (male, 14 weeks old). They…

ASKED BY Member 1194688 on 10/16/13
TAGGED bullmastiff, bulldog, playfighting, snapping IN Other Behavior & Training


APBT-How do I gain submission from my adopted dog?

My name is Jason and I recently adopted a 9 month old neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier, named Duke, from the SPCA. He is awesome, but I am…

ASKED BY Duke on 10/15/13
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How do I get my boyfriend's dog to respect us when he won't acknowledge she has behavior issues?

My boyfriend's dog doesn't respect me and has a few bad habits that need to be broken. When I'm carrying a plate or food in my hands, she jumps up…

ASKED BY Shasta on 10/15/13
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How do I stop my two males from fighting when a human is present?

I have three dogs mmf, they are outside together all day with little mishaps on occasion, but the boston terrier goes for the big dogs face if I go…

ASKED BY Member 1194206 on 10/13/13
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We recently adopted a blue heeler from a shelter. She has severe anxiety. we exercise her, crate train etc. Help?

She can't sit still for more tuan 5 min. She paces non stop. She is only alone 2-3 days a week for 6hrs n locked in the bathroom si she has space to…

ASKED BY Member 1193061 on 10/5/13
TAGGED hyper IN Other Behavior & Training


My friend's dog got hit by a car?

My friend has 2 mini poodle mixes. One male and one female. They are his therapy dogs. The male dog, Skippy, was a rescue and he is very "grumpy…

ASKED BY Caspian on 9/30/13
IN Other Behavior & Training


How do you get your Maltese puppy to "potty" outside when it's cold or rainy out?

My Maltese will only potty outside if the weather is perfect (i.e. sunny, blue skies, 70+ degrees). He literally freaks out if it is rainy or cold or…

ASKED BY Teddy on 9/17/13
TAGGED newengland, housebreaking, housetraining, potty, cold, rainy, rain, wet, peepad IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have just rescued a smooth collie mix that aggressively mouths and is extremely strong. We can't get her to break this?

We do use the command bite. But it does not always work. She gets so excited she can't calm down. Also she does not like leashes. We use the…

ASKED BY Member 1188810 on 9/6/13
IN Other Behavior & Training

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