Does any one here know anything about CC Rescue in Manchester CT? I saw a 3 yr old female rescue Boston Terrier?

We have finally decide to rescue another Boston so I am wondering about this rescue in CT it is CC Rescue located in Manchester her name is Penny

ASKED BY Tugg on 7/25/12
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Hi i have a pitbull?

hi!!! i have a pitbull my husband , adopt the dog because his last owners left the dog out and the street , we have now 1 year with RIDER. but we…

ASKED BY rider on 7/13/12
TAGGED adoption IN Shelters & Rescue

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HELP! Is there a sanctuary for American Bull dogs with issues?

My grand daughter needs to find a home for Brew. He loves to play but does not know how to get along with other dogs. When he was a pup her mother…

ASKED BY Member 1115547 on 6/13/12
TAGGED homefortroubledamericanbulldog IN Shelters & Rescue

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My dog had an accident with a bike it got injured in its both back legs and get swollen he also unable walk he also eat?

My dog is a street dog and he is 1 year old

ASKED BY Member 1111950 on 5/21/12
TAGGED mydog IN Shelters & Rescue

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Have a Jack Russell named Bailey I had to let her go to the Panhandle Animal Shelter in Ponderay, Idaho. she did not ge?

She is white with redish brown on half of her face a real heart warmer but couldn't handle any more dog fights with our older dog who isn't well…

ASKED BY Member 1106458 on 4/18/12
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Anyone in San Antonio, TX need help for dog?

For Your Information (not an advertisement) Animal Care Services Volunteer: Guardian Angel…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/23/12
TAGGED sanantonio, texas, emergency, noappointment, volunteer, pet, dog, veterinary, twentyfourhours, sevendaysaweek IN Shelters & Rescue

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Small Sweet Stray Dog Needs Help: Does someone need a companion dog?

This morning, after the storm, I found a small dog that appears to have been abandoned. The dog is about the size of a terrier and seems to be very…

ASKED BY Member 1101131 on 3/20/12
TAGGED nodogtags, stray, sweet, bath, please, small, gentle, highlyadoptable, idealcompanion IN Shelters & Rescue

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