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I have an adorable black lab (Rosie) who needs a good home with lots of love and room to run. Can anyone help me?

Rosie is one year old, spayed, and very sweet and loveable. She needs an owner who has the time to spend really training her and playing with her…

ASKED BY Member 1208965 on 1/11/14
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Please help identify my dogs breed?

My dog is a rescue in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Can someone identify his breed. The vet says he is a terrier but did not specify what kind. His fur…

ASKED BY Dhani on 1/10/14
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Need help before I rescue Lucy?

I am considering taking in an abandoned dog which has been rescued by a friend who cannot keep her. Lucy is well trained and friendly. She is a…

ASKED BY Lucy on 11/24/13
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Anyone interested in a 9 month old male chocolate brown Min-Pin? I live in Peoria,Illinois?

My daughter just moved into an apartment that doesn't allow dogs. I have been taking care of this fellow for 3 weeks now. But I work all day and…

ASKED BY Member 1200701 on 11/21/13
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Lily Anne Grace

I had to give up my dog but can't let go and it's causing depression?

I have a brain injury and was living with my best friend who helped me with daily living for over 10 years. 6 months ago she went out and didn't…

ASKED BY Lily Anne Grace on 11/19/13
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I need advice on rehoming my dog. Shelters are not an option but I don't know where to start or how to approach this?

So I am looking to rehome my dog. Her name is Tama, she is an 8 year old teacup Yorkie-Poodle. I have never given up a pet and am heartbroken to do so…

ASKED BY Member 1199811 on 11/17/13
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I live in central Ontario and would like to join relay team getting dogs to new homes. Need info please?

I live in Emsdale (between Huntsville and North Bay). Would like info on how to join relay team if a dog needs to go through my area.

ASKED BY Member 1197395 on 11/3/13
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Why does my best friend hate my dog?

I adopted a 4 year old Springer Spaniel a month ago. I have previously owned springer spaniels before and just adore them. My roommate and best friend…

ASKED BY Member 1197014 on 10/31/13
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