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We've. Recently bought a 12 week old minature schnauzer pup. The problem is he's so quiet and lifeless. Is he ok?

He shakes a lot and seems scared. Just sits there and doesn't get up to walk. He was bought from a litter of pups with the appropriate papers and I…

ASKED BY Member 1147312 on 12/30/12
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I think that my new puppy hates me?

We recently adopted a puppy from a shelter as a family companion and playmate for our other dog. We picked this pup because of how quickly they got…

ASKED BY Member 1143721 on 12/5/12
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How to have a good dog meeting tomorrow?

I have an older, fixed, pit bull. He has had other dogs around, no problems (female wiener dogs, male terrier.) We considered getting another female…

ASKED BY Member 1142262 on 11/25/12
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Pooping and peeing anxiety?

so i have a mutt who until we got him hadn't left his back yard. He gets nervous and pees when picked up. then in the car and bath tub he pooped. he…

ASKED BY Member 1114230 on 6/5/12
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My Friend is struggling to integrate newly adopted second dog.…

He has a wonderful female lab mix, 6yo, spayed, never met a dog she did not like or wouldn't play with, has been an only dog for 4-5 years, but has…

ASKED BY Member 105845 on 4/11/12
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What is the best way to introduce a new puppy to my current, sometimes skittish, dog?

My husband and I fell in love with an 8 week old Carolina Mix at our local shelter and are bringing him home tomorrow and we couldn't be more…

ASKED BY Bailey on 4/9/12
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