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Military Working Dog Lucca Gets a Hero’s Welcome

The German Shepherd and her handler are promoting the dog team's national monument.

dogedit  |  Feb 8th 2013

Lucca, an eight-year-old German Shepherd, saved hundreds of lives of U.S. troops over her years on duty, according to KABC-TV. This week, she received a hero’s welcome at Universal City along with her handler, Sgt. Chris Willingham.

The two are on a cross-country tour promoting the working dog team’s national monument. Sadly, while on deployment in Afghanistan, Lucca was sniffing for bombs when a booby trap device went off and she lost her left paw. However, she is still as brave as ever. “She’s a very resilient dog and she’s saved numerous lives,” said Willingham.

Watch the video below (and grab some tissues).

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