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5-Month-Old Puppy: What to Expect

What are typical behaviors and issues associated with a 5-month-old puppy? Let’s take a look:

dogedit  |  Nov 20th 2010

By her fifth month, your dog is done with her puppy vaccines and ready to socialize with other canines of all walks of life (and their people, too). Take your 5-month-old puppy out often and sign up for puppy socials if you can. You’ll meet like-minded folk who you may wind up planning puppy play dates with. The impressions made on your dog by her environment at this stage are vital to how she perceives the world later in life. 
Your puppy will be developing her play style at around this time as well, and you may notice the play becoming a little rougher, with a few nips, growls and humping, as your dog rehearses for her adult role. That said, it is also time to think about getting your pet spayed or neutered.

A brown puppy chewing on a toy.

A brown puppy chewing on a toy. Photography by bmf-foto.de/shutterstock.

Here’s what you should be thinking about with a 5-month-old puppy:

» Curbing Your Puppy’s ‘Adolescent Urges’
A puppy’s adolescence can last 12 months, with the larger dogs lasting the longest. Your puppy may experience confusion about his place in his pack, raging hormones, erratic behavior and rebellion of a sort. A puppy’s adolescence is a time in his life when experiences have a very lasting effect on him. It is crucial during this time to maintain your role as Alpha which provides security for him. Here are some tips to help you both survive puppy adolescence »



» Five Ways to Deter Your Puppy’s Chewing
Puppies chew because they’re teething, because they’re bored, or because your stinky sweat socks are actually tasty to them. They are unaware that it’s looked down upon by polite society and cannot calculate the cost of a ruined couch. Most puppies around week 21 are at their heaviest chewing period. Here are five ways to control your puppy’s chewing »



» How to Calculate Your Puppy’s Adult Weight
This may seem superfluous but knowing your puppy’s adult weight can save you time and money. It can be tough to decide on a crate size or even something as big as a car if you don’t have any idea how big your puppy will be when he’s grown. Likewise, you can prepare now for illnesses or disorders associated with small or large dogs, such as foot problems or Hip Dysplasia. Learn how to calculate your pup’s adult weight »



» Getting Your Puppy Spayed or Neutered
If you’ve noticed a new and heightened interest from male puppies in your female puppy, it is probably time to make that most important vet appointment to get her spayed. Though your pup may not be exhibiting signs of being near her first heat, other dogs can smell the change in her hormones prior to it. Get fast facts about spaying and neutering »

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