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Chill Out Fido!


How to Calm Your Dog

Your dog is an like accountant when it comes to his behavior. He’s constantly weighing the pros and cons of performing a certain behavior or acting a certain way.

Given proper time, and with the eleven exercises outlined in Chill Out Fido! – a breakthrough training manual – your dog will soon learn that calm, polite behaviors merit high-value rewards. Once this is established, he’ll be calming down and chilling out in no time.

With Chill Out Fido!, you’ll…

  • Learn the human behaviors and body languages that will promote calm behavior in your dog
  • Teach your dog how to cope with unexpected events that can provoke a stressed reaction
  • Figure out just what it is you do that makes your dog just lose it
  • Do a DIY stress test with your dog to understand his stress levels

Your dog can become the polite, calm dogs that you’ve always known he can be. Let Chill Out Fido! be your roadmap to a better-behaved dog.

Renowned canine behavioral expert Nan Kené Arthur presents you with the information, tools, and steps to a happy, relaxed dog. You owe it to you dog to ease his stress levels (and your own!).
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