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You’ll get so much more out of Dogster
because we put so much more in!

If you want your dog to have the healthiest foods …
the most vigilant care … effective positive training … and to
be more tail-wagging happy than ever you’ll love Dogster!

It all makes a difference. As a loving dog parent you know that. From what you feed each day … to how you teach a consistent “stay” … from socializing the new family pet … to selecting the most responsible vet. That’s why so many dog owners trust Dogster. It’s the magazine that makes a difference … a real, reassuring, and rewarding difference.

Dogster spotlights wholesome foods and essential supplements. It offers gentle and effective solutions for trying behavior issues. It provides timely alerts to threats to your dog’s health. And it is filled with tips for good times and great travel with your canine adventurer.

You’ll find the best foods to keep your senior dog spry. You’ll learn of a booster-shot alternative for your maturing dog. You’ll find how to stop toy guarding in puppies — even before it starts! And you’ll discover the one tip that can save you hundreds on pet insurance!

You’ll not only do more for your dog, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for doing more with your dog. You’ll enjoy Dogster’s guide to dog-friendly destinations. You’ll discover fun events from coast to coast … pooch-pleasing daytrips … games to play at home, and much more!

You can count on Dogster to be instructive, helpful, and fun! You’ll find such welcome guidance as…


  • the top 5 diet supplements that can help dogs thrive
  • how to create the perfect playdate for your pup
  • doggie gear must-haves for a safe and splashing fun summer
  • the breakthrough technique to teach a dog to “leave it.”
  • 2 autoimmune disease triggers you can prevent
  • how to make your dog feel more secure when you’re away
  • 4 tips to prepare your pup for vet visits
  • the daytime trick to reduce nighttime barking and whining
  • the best pet-and budget-friendly hotels, inns, and resorts

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