Willie the Yorkshire Terrier Has the Best Hair on the Internet


The new year is here — which means for many people, it’s a time to make resolutions that often involve living a healthier lifestyle or giving yourself a makeover. Willie is a dog who’s all about the latter topic: She’s sailed to social media fame by starring in a series of slick pics that feature her hair rustled up into all manner of fashionable and funky looks.

Here’s your makeover motivation, Willie style.

Who’s Willie?

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

In a nutshell, Willie — or Willamina to use her proper title — is a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who lives in San Diego. She’s become an online hit thanks to the way her owner, Laura, tussles her canine hair into a range of different styles. Left to its own devices, Willie’s hair runs rampant on the wild side.

All about her bed head!

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

See, what was I just telling you — here’s Willie waking up from a graceful slumber with some gloriously untamed bed head.

Workin’ it

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

Here we have Willie captured first thing on a Monday morning, about to take in a power meeting at the office with a bold swept-over hairdo. As Willie bragged in the caption to this photo, “Like a boss.”

A controversial ‘do

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

Where do you stand on the divisive man-bun issue? A damning summation of the crumbling state of the world? Or a fun and fashionable hair style? By sporting this top-knot, you can tell which camp Willie’s in…

I’ll be there for you

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

When it’s cold outside, Willie likes to battle the winter weather by dressing up like a character from the ’90s sitcom Friends. Here she’s donned her best knitted cap and decided to hole up inside with a soothing glass of vino. If you look closely, there’s definitely a Jennifer Aniston thing going on with her hair.

A Queen Bey superfan

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

In Willie’s world, both braiding and Beyonce are a way of life. While sporting this look, she quipped, “Baby, I can see your halo.”

Hang on, who’s Shay?

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

This is Shay, one of a couple of foster pups who occasionally steal the spotlight on Willie’s social media pages. Her situation was hooked up by Second Chance Dog Rescue, an organization that’s all about “rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming our furry friends.” Although Shay looks a little like a cartoon criminal in her black and white striped sweater and fur get up, right?

And what about Brewster?

Image via WillieCute Instagram.

Brewster is Shay’s cohort in — ahem — cuteness. He’s also a Second Chance Dog Rescue graduate and, it would appear, something of a fan of formal dressing.

Check out more of Willie’s looks over at her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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