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What Is a CoyoteVest for Dogs? Types & FAQ

Written by: Ed Malaker

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Dogster Team

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What Is a CoyoteVest for Dogs? Types & FAQ

Coyotes are predatory animals that are common all across the United States. They will attack small dogs if they get hungry enough, so it’s natural to want to keep your pet safe while you are out walking the trails or playing in grassy fields. One increasingly popular way to do that is with a CoyoteVest, a commercial body armor for dogs. Keep reading as we take a closer look at this product to see how it works and discuss a few of its advantages and disadvantages.


How Does It Work?

The CoyoteVest is a vest or coat that you can put over your small dog or cat to help protect them from coyotes and other dangerous predators when you are out walking.


The vest material is Kevlar, which is extremely durable, heat resistant, and able to withstand high impact, which is why you usually find it in bulletproof vests. The CoyoteVest uses Kevlar to prevent the sharp teeth of a coyote or even another dog from puncturing it and to give the owners enough time to react.

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Removable Spiles

The CoyoteVest has several strips of removable spikes along the back and around the neck. These spikes can be an effective deterrent against biting and protect the most vulnerable areas of your pet.


The final parts of the CoyoteVest are large colorful plastic whiskers that give the dog the appearance of having a mohawk. While they may seem to only be for looks, they actually serve to make the dog look bigger and can also confuse an attacker, which might stop them from biting.

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Who Makes the CoyoteVest?

A small family-owned company makes the CoyoteVest, and they invented it after a coyote attacked one of their pets while on a walk. They wanted a way to help small dogs survive these types of attacks. The company began making the vests in 2015, and they are becoming more popular every day.

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Image By: CoyoteVest

What Are the Different Types of CoyoteVest?


The SpikeVest is similar to the CoyoteVest, but you fasten it to your dog using Velcro instead of snap buckles. It has a full set of removable chrome spikes that protect your dog’s neck and back, along with Cardura fabric, which is extremely durable.


The BullyVest is midway between the CoyoteVest and the SpikeVest. It uses snap buckles but has open chest and throat flaps that can be more comfortable for your pet. It also uses strips of chrome spikes that protect the back and sides. None protect the neck, but you can purchase a spiked collar separately.

Other Options

CoyoteVest the company also offers many other products, like cat harnesses, spiked collars, safety lights, and vinyl decals, that can help keep small pets out of danger.

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Where Is It Used?

You can use your CoyoteVest any time you leave your home and think that your pet might be in danger from predators. Besides coyotes, it can help keep your dog safe from aggressive dogs, birds of prey, wolves, and other predatory animals that you might encounter while on a walk or out in the backyard at night.

Advantages of a CoyoteVest

The primary advantage of using a CoyoteVest is the safety that it provides for your small pet while they’re enjoying the outdoors. The material is extremely durable so teeth won’t be able to puncture it, and the sharp, hard, plastic chrome spikes will deter most animals from even trying, at least long enough for you to get your pet out of danger. A secondary advantage is that it makes your pet look like it belongs in a punk rock band, which helps them stand out and be easy to identify, even from a distance.

Disadvantages of a CoyoteVest

The biggest disadvantage of a CoyoteVest is that it is expensive at $100, though the high price is to be expected due to the material quality and craftsmanship. Also, it doesn’t protect all parts of the body, so an injury can still occur. Although an animal’s teeth are unlikely to puncture the vest, the force of the closing jaws can still cause harm to your pet. Another problem that you might face is your pet not wanting to wear it. Cats are famously difficult with outerwear, but many small dogs may also give their owners a hard time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different sizes of the CoyoteVest?

Yes. Five sizes of the CoyoteVest are available to protect any dog smaller than a Border Collie or Australian Shepard. To choose the appropriate size, measure your dog’s back, from the shoulders to the base of the tail, and then compare it to the size chart to make your selection.

Can I purchase replacement spikes for my CoyoteVest?

Yes. Replacement spikes and whiskers are available directly from CoyoteVest and several online locations.

Does the CoyoteVest work against owls’ talons?

Yes. The CoyoteVest is puncture resistant and will protect your pet from the talons of owls and other birds of prey.

Are the spikes chrome or plastic?

The spikes are hard plastic with chrome plating. They are effective at protecting your dog while remaining lightweight enough to not put too much strain on your pet while they’re walking.

Where do they make the CoyoteVest?

The CoyoteVest company has plants in San Diego and Garden Grove, California, that make all its products.

A Quick Reference Guide

CoyoteVest Size Back Length in Inches Weight in Pounds
XXS 7–9 2–5
XS 9–11 5–7
S 12–14 6–12
M 14–17 10–28
L 18–22 28–55



The CoyoteVest is protective body armor for your pet. It uses extremely durable, puncture-resistant Kevlar material, so coyotes and dogs won’t be able to bite through it. Sharp spikes run along the back and around the neck to protect your pet’s sensitive areas. The vest also has long, colorful whiskers that help confuse attackers and make your pet easier to spot from a distance. The downside to the CoyoteVest is that it’s expensive, and some pets will resist putting it on and won’t like walking in it.

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