We’re Obsessed With Rocco the Old English Sheepdog and His Man Bun

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The man bun might be a controversial hair topic these days, but that hasn’t stopped an Old English Sheepdog named Rocco from using the style to shoot himself to Internet fame. Yep, this 2-year-old pooch sports a man bun on the top of his head while hamming it up for his various social media outlets.

Here’s your introduction to Rocco’s very well groomed world.

The man bun in the room

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

First up, what’s the motivation behind Rocco’s choice of hairdo? Well, it’s quite simple really — without his distinctive man bun, Rocco would struggle to see due to an abundance of shaggy strands of hair cascading over his eyes. Form and fashion, as they say.

Also, a super fluffy butt

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

Yep, that’s right, Rocco is definitely a dog who’s all about showcasing his fluff and fur. So while he sports a man bun up front, his rear end is said to be a “super fluffy butt.” The poop emoji in this picture accentuates the point. (And stay tuned — you’ll be seeing more of Rocco’s rear end very shortly.)

Rocco’s motto

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

When it comes to summing up his trademark look and sense of shaggy style, Rocco’s personal motto is a simple but proud one: “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy.”

Whiskey on the side

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

Rocco lives in Chicago, and he shares his home with a far dinkier pooch called Whiskey. And, apparently, a life-sized pillow of himself. Vanity, thy name is an Old English Sheepdog.

The latest rain suit

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

Rocco recently picked up a snazzy new rain suit for gallivanting around outside in. While he’s quick to boast that this new outfit “accentuates my butt,” a quick bit of Instagram digging reveals that he also peed in his last suit as it was too baggy.

The learning

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

Just in time for back-to-school season, Rocco recently decided to start wearing glasses in a bid to persuade his human mom that he’s “not a fool.” It’s a look he owns in his own very special way.

The numbers game adds up

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

When it comes to his social media pull, Rocco is turning into a real-deal superstar. He’s already clocked up nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, while his Facebook page has topped 10,000 and he’s up to nearly a quarter of a million via his instant music video Musical.ly account. A man bun can take you to many places, it would appear.

Rocco’s best viral video

Image via rocco_roni Instagram.

To date, Rocco’s most acclaimed social media stunt is a viral video that relays his ultimately fruitless efforts to heft himself up, over and into an armchair. “Chairs are dumb, they don’t even work right,” he quipped in the face of glorious failure.

Basically, if you like looking at super fluffy dog butts jiggling and wiggling around, this footage is your new obsession.

Check out more of Rocco’s shaggy shenanigans over at his Instagram account, or the Facebook page he shares with Whiskey.

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